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Compromise on Good Cause Eviction legislation frustrates both sides

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As the New York Legislature edges closer to passing a modified version of the Good Cause Eviction measure within the state budget, neither landlords nor housing advocates are content with the compromise. The proposed legislation, which has seen numerous amendments from its original form, aims to protect tenants from unjust evictions and unreasonable rent hikes but now includes provisions that have left both parties displeased.

Housing advocates argue that the compromised bill will fail to protect millions because it allows municipalities outside New York City to opt-in at their discretion, potentially creating inconsistent tenant protections across the state. Conversely, landlords fear that the measure will stifle new rental developments, particularly in regions that adopt the policy.

The current version of the bill sets a rent increase cap at the lower of 10 percent or 5 percent plus the Consumer Price Index, now at 8.5 percent, a significant jump from the original 3 percent cap. It also adds new clauses allowing evictions for substantial apartment renovations or if the landlord removes the unit from the rental market—terms that housing advocates claim offer too much leeway for abuse.