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Women express concern surrounding fertility and the Covid vaccine

Some women are expressing concern with the Covid vaccines and what that may mean for their fertility.

Ashley Nemier has stated that with an autoimmune disease as well as PCOS, the odds are already stacked against her surrounding fertility. The vaccine being so new isn’t a risk she wants to take.

Medical Director of the Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Director at St. Joseph’s Health, Dr. John Bowen, has said that while he is aware of a concern, the vaccine has no impact on fertility.

He stated there is good data that it will not increase the risk of miscarriage and there is no difference between miscarriage rates or pregnancy complications, gestational diabetes, growth restrictions, preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Nemier has stated that she’s seen posts where women ended up with irregular cycles after getting the vaccine.

Dr. Bowen has said that though there have been reports, irregular menstrual cycles and the vaccine have not been clearly linked.

He states the Covid for a pregnant woman is problematic.

Though Nemier doesn’t want the vaccine right now, she has said it’s just too new; it does not mean she will never get it.

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