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Cuomo: When NYS hits 70% vaccinated restrictions will disappear, calls out local communities for low numbers

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that once New York State hits 70% vaccination among eligible residents COVID restrictions will mostly go away.

That includes capacity restrictions, social distancing, cleaning and disinfection requirements, and health screening along with contact tracing.

The change comes as the Governor also highlighted the zip codes that are struggling to get residents vaccinated.

“We hit 70%, we will be back to life as normal, or as normal as you can be post-COVID,” Cuomo said. He put the focus on local government to make sure that significant progress is made on this front. Several locations throughout the region and state are struggling- but none more than the bottom 10%.

Among those struggling locally, Romulus, which is located in Seneca County; and Addison, which is located in Steuben County. Only 21.9% of the population had been vaccinated in Romulus. In Addison just under 34% of the population was vaccinated.

“Focus your resources there,” Cuomo said referring . “That is where we have the greatest chance for advancement, and the local governments have the resources.”

One of the biggest challenges people face with the covid-19 restrictions, is visiting the doctor’s office for consultation concerning any problem.

But recently, the situation has become better since most health providers now offer online consultation for patients. Armytage Dental is one of the health providers that offer online consultation for patients with dental issues. Covid-19 has been a huge obstacle to many people and it has greatly affected many areas in the health industry but once many people are vaccinated, things will change for the better.