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How should towns, villages handle retail marijuana businesses? (poll)

What direction should municipalities go on recreational marijuana?

The fact that New York State legalized it does not take the local decision-making out of the process. In fact, the law enhances it, because local municipalities have the right under the law to opt-out of allowing dispensaries from opening up.

That said, if a community goes that direction they will not be eligible to receive any of taxed revenue that will come from it.

The Citizen reached out to government leaders around Cayuga County, who noted that discussions are set to begin soon on whether they will opt-out, or stay put on allowing dispensaries to open.

Aurora Mayor Bonnie Apgar Bennett told The Citizen that the decision shouldn’t be based solely on the revenue, but weighing the difference between revenue and public safety. She also wondered if it would be safer for her residents to have a dispensary nearby, so as to reduce the risk of driving under the influence.

“It feels like much more of a safety issue to me than any revenue we would get,” she told them. “You have to think about the consequences.”

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Do you want to see your town or village put restrictions on retail marijuana sales?

Yes, I don’t want it here.
No, let them operate freely.
Maybe some restrictions on them.
I don’t know.