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Waterloo school officials give update on COVID-19 response, procedures

Officials say there are three new COVID-19 cases in the Waterloo Central School District.

The cases are in three different buildings: Skoi-Yase Elementary, the Middle School, and High School.

Officials said in a letter that they’re working with the health department to ensure the right steps are taken in the short-term.

“At this time there is no impact on Waterloo Middle School students or staff,” officials said in the letter published Tuesday. “The DOH is working through the contact tracing process for the Waterloo High School and Skoi-Yase Primary School confirmed cases. Through their process, it has been determined that select individuals will be directed to quarantine by their local Department of Health.”

Superintendent Terri Bavis also gave an update on the procedural steps around returning from quarantine. “In addition, I wanted to share with you that we are no longer requiring the Mandatory Quarantine Release from the Department of Health. The Seneca County Department of Health now sends me two daily reports with COVID-19 updates. These reports include those individuals with open cases, closed cases, and the beginning and ending dates of quarantine. These reports have been very helpful in determining return dates for students and staff and eliminate the need for the Mandatory Quarantine Release documentation,” she said. “As always, we ask that all families continue to help prevent the spread of the virus by encouraging students to wear a mask, wash their hands and practice social distancing. Please contact your medical provider or the Department of Health if you have any additional questions or concerns.”