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Sheriff: Drivers that caused deadly, four-car crash were traveling 90 mph on Rt. 332

Sheriff Kevin Henderson provided an update on the deadly four-car crash earlier this week in Ontario County.  It happened on a stretch of Route 332 in Canandaigua, and involved two sedans and a tractor-trailer.

Henderson says a deputy arrived in the area just after 3 p.m. for a targeted speed enforcement detail to to aggressive driving in the area. As he positioned his vehicle, he heard one car approaching from the north – traveling south – at a high rate of speed.

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The speed limit in this area is 40 mph, and as he looked on two sedans were spotted traveling in excess of 80 mph. The deputy attempted to pull out to initiate a traffic stop, but had to wait for additional southbound traffic to get by. Once the deputy entered the highway he observed the gray sedan collide with the back of a northbound tractor-trailer, which was turning left onto Airport Road. The white sedan then struck the rear of the gray sedan.

Within seconds the deputy was on-scene of the crash and observed that the gray sedan was on fire. He was able to quickly put out the fire.

Three people were trapped inside. The driver was identified as Rachel Pierce, 39, of Canandaigua, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

The white sedan was operated by Jasen Ray, 29, of Canandaigua.

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Sheriff Henderson says the two drivers knew each other and both were participating in a race with each other prior to the collision. Seconds before impact, both vehicles were traveling more than 90 mph in a 40 mph zone.

A 17-year-old passenger in Pierce’s vehicle suffered a head injury and was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital. A 13-year-old passenger in that same vehicle was transported by ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Henderson says that if the two vehicles were traveling the speed limit – the tractor-trailer would have easily cleared the intersection before either sedan arrived.

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Sheriff: Speed likely a factor in fatal four-vehicle crash on SR 332 in Canandaigua