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Choose bar stools wisely: 4 typical mistakes

Bar stools are the most used pieces of furniture in any bar or restaurant. Design is not the only criteria, as guests must also feel comfortable. Discover four typical (and pricey) mistakes made by restaurant owners.

1. The Wrong Style

Look for the optimal combination of aesthetics and comfort. For example, backless chairs with narrow seats can be hidden under the countertop. However, they are uncomfortable for visitors who want to watch a soccer game.

Bolt down stools are heavy or attached to the floor. They restrict movement unless you choose a swivel model. Bolt down bar stools from offer an ideal balance between heaviness and comfort.

Comfort is enhanced with back support, foot support, and armrests. Tall stools require support for the feet. Armrests are comfy, but they increase the width so you can fit in fewer seats. Backless bar stools will prevent customers from sitting too long, while back support encourages them to do it.

2. The Wrong Height

The worst mistake is buying stools that are too short or too tall. The optimal distance between the underside of the counter and the seat is between 10 and 12 inches. Remember that comfort translates into more time spent at the bar and more revenue for your establishment. Currently, there are three major options:

Counter Stools

It is the standard choice for most pubs and restaurants. Such stools are 24-26 inches high, so they are suitable for 36-inch counters.

Classic Stools

Forty-two inches is the standard height for bars. Therefore, classic stools are 30 inches tall on average.

Tall Stools

Some establishments have unusually high bars (up to 48 inches). These require tall stools, while the optimal height is between 34 and 36 inches.

3. Too Little Space

It is crucial to position stools at a reasonable distance from one another. The optimal gap is 8-10 inches, while 6 inches is the minimum. The first stool should be placed 14 inches away from the corner of the bar. Thus, to see how many seatings you should buy, think about the following:

  • distance between the seats;

  • width of the seats;

  • distance from the corner;

  • personal space (the distance between the centers of adjacent seats must be 26-30 inches).

4. Wrong Material

If you are buying stools for commercial use, you probably need durable options. This concerns both the frame and upholstery. For example, wood is classic and warm, but it is unsuitable for outdoor use. Metal and plastic are more durable and easier to clean.

In terms of upholstery, vinyl is the most durable option. It also looks similar to leather. You can create a luxurious look, but the stools will last much longer.

The Right Choice

Business owners can choose from a plethora of shapes and styles. However, an eye-catching appearance means nothing if the sizing is wrong. Be careful with your measurements. Allow sufficient space so your visitors feel comfortable.

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