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Department of Labor tells unemployed New Yorkers to not contact them about President Trump’s executive order for $400 more in benefits

The New York State Department of Labor does not want to hear from those who are unemployed after President Donald Trump’s announcement that $400 more per week would be made available.

Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted the move on Sunday, noting that it would only make a big problem worse because states are required to come up with 25% of the weekly benefit beyond current levels.

“We understand there may be confusion following the President’s announcement on Saturday about additional unemployment benefits,” the DOL said in a letter to those who have been filing unemployment claims through the Coronavirus Pandemic. “While open questions about this announcement are resolved, please continue to certify weekly to ensure you receive your Unemployment Insurance or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits.”

DOL says that they will process any additional benefits if, or when they come due as New Yorkers continue to certify.

“To allow your fellow New Yorkers to reach a representative for regular UI or PUA matters, please do not call DOL to inquire about the federal administration’s announcement at this time,” the letter concludes.

It’s unclear how much New Yorkers will actually see from President Trump’s weekend executive order that boosted unemployment. Some Democrats have already said that it will be challenged legally due to issues of executive spending authority.

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