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Gallahan pushes back against calls to ‘defund’ police across NYS in assembly campaign

Several New York City area lawmakers, led by Senator Julia Salazar recently backed measures that would strip funding for police agencies across the state and U.S.

The push for this effort has been supported by many prominent New York lawmakers including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Assembly Member Charles Barron. New York State Assembly Candidate Jeff Gallahan is pushing back against that effort in his campaign in the 131st District.

“Make no mistake, this is not about the police, it’s about politics. This is a knee jerk reaction by New York City progressives designed to kneecap law enforcement and punish law abiding citizens. They clearly do not value the service and sacrifice of our police and they are willing to put them at risk to score political points. It is important for lawmakers to stand up and be counted on this issue, sending a loud and clear message to those protecting us that we have their backs, just as they have had ours,” said Gallahan. “The idea that the issues facing our country can be resolved by slashing the number of officers on the street or serving as school resource officers is frankly ludicrous. Like most, normal people, I want to know that if I call 911 to report a crime or emergency there will be someone to respond. Perhaps, Congresswoman Cortez or Senator Salazar should spend a day in the boots of our local officers who face challenges on an hourly basis that they could not ever imagine from their ivory towers.”

A number of police reform measures have already been passed through the legislature, and more are expected to be pushed in the coming weeks. Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that he would sign any measures brought before him.