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Portable Voice to Text Device

A portable voice to text device is great for both productivity and focus. A truly modern technology, it certainly beats pen and paper. Even better: you don’t have to listen to the recording again if you don’t want to – just scroll or search through the transcript. It only takes a couple of seconds, and it’s a major improvement over how things used to be with conventional recorders.

Speech to text software is easy to find. All you need to download a speech to text app is a phone with some sort of internet connection. Then you open the store app, enter your search query – and voila, dozens of results. But the phone is almost never enough.

A voice to text portable device is, to put it in rough terms, a recorder with extra functions.

Devices like Senstone are designed specifically to record and transcribe audio to text at the same time. For the sake of convenience, recordings can be managed in the voice app. You can scroll the text of your recording right away, or listen to it again, or edit the transcript, or even add tags. But all this stays out of your way until you decide the time has come to review last week’s entries.

A portable voice to text device offers the appeal of any specialised equipment: it can be fine-tuned, and it can be hand-picked. You don’t have to stick to what the phone has to offer and apps cannot change, such as the quality of the microphone or other limitations caused by the phone hardware.

Another advantage is the question of focus – or even safety. A wearable recorder is not a distraction, but any other recording device (a phone, a traditional digital recorder, et cetera) undoubtedly is. The tiniest things can shift our mind’s eye to something less important; if you put your recorder on the table, you are going to be stealing looks at it, subconsciously keeping an eye out for something sinister – or simply to remember to put it back in the pocket when you are finished.

In other words, wearables eliminate the possibility you might get distracted by your own tech. They help people drive safely, keeping both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. During a morning run, a recorder clipped to your t-shirt spares you interruptions which might set you back.

When working at the office, a voice to text recorder is especially useful. Memos and notes come up all the time, and there is no way to keep your head in the game if your attention constantly oscillates between work and micromanagement.

Overall, devices capable of voice-to-text conversion are getting better by the hour. They can talk to Android and iOS and support multiple audio formats. The dictation tools they provide have improved drastically over the last decade, as have the size range and memory capacity. The market is bound to increase in 2020 still, and this change looks very promising in terms of the evolution of sound equipment.

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