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Home » News » Sunoco gas station canopy collapses near Syracuse (photos)

Sunoco gas station canopy collapses near Syracuse (photos)

A troubling scene unfolded at the Sunoco Gas Station on East Taft Road in Cicero when the canopy over the gas pump collapsed, crushing cars underneath.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. Police say that there were no reported injuries, but there was vehicle damage.

By coincidence, the gas station’s owner had been stopping by to grab mail – just barely avoiding being hit by the canopy.

The structure was reportedly inspected a few months ago, according to the general manager. He believes that the heavy snow on top of the canopy weighed it down, causing the collapse.

Bill Coersmeyers says that he was under the canopy about to get out of his car to get gas when it collapsed. He says that right before he stepped out, a noise made him pause.

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