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Newark students protest after the death of teacher Shawn Flanagan


A group of Newark students and parents rallied outside the Newark Police Department on Saturday, calling for police to address misinformation about the investigation into former Newark Teacher, Shawn Flanagan.

Shawn Flanagan was found dead in his home on Thursday after he didn’t show up for work.

The 45-year-old was a biomedical science teacher at Newark Central School District since 2001. At the time of his death, he was under investigation for possible inappropriate criminal behavior.

Sarinah Hubbard was a student of Flanagan for six years. She and other former students gathered at the Newark Police Department.

“The community has suffered a tremendous loss and we hope that our request today stifles the rampant rumors and allows Shawn to rest in peace,” said Sarinah Hubbard, former student.

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Newark HS teacher found dead after personal devices seized from Moore Street home

A local newspaper in Wayne County has reported some new details in the case that was initially reported as an unattended death.

Shawn Flanagan, a 45-year-old teacher in the Newark Central School District, was found dead in his Moore Street home days after police seized his phone and computers as part of an investigation involving interactions between him and students.

That seizure took place on Wednesday, and on Thursday, officials with the Newark school district were concerned after he didn’t show up for class. The Times of Wayne County reports that he had been having some general health problems.

The Times reports that a staffer from the high school was sent to Flanagan’s home, and after knocking on the door – receiving no answer – looked through a window to see the missing teacher on the floor.

Police told the Times of Wayne County that Flanagan had completed suicide.

Newark Village Police, along with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office had been investigating allegations by some students, inside and outside the Village, that Flanagan had sexual interactions with them, according to the paper.

Flanagan had been the Biomedical Science Teacher at Newark Senior High School since 2001. He taught at both the Middle School and most recently at the High School. He reportedly was also a Boy Scout leader and, Science Club Advisor at the school district and leader of the Newark Ambulance-Junior Membership Corp.

Police indicated that videos have already been reviewed from his phone and computer, which are believed to be local students between 14 and 17.

Police are asking for the public’s help identifying possible victims. The Newark Police Department is asking anyone with knowledge or information regarding the investigation to contact Gary Verstraete or Jay Warren at 315-331-3701.

All tips can remain confidential.

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