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INSIDE THE FLX: Democrats Sauvageau, Weil discuss campaign for at-large supervisor in SF (podcast)

This week, another two-part episode of Inside the FLX. As Election Day draws closer, we’re going to feature more-and-more of these episodes. The goal: To let voters see where candidates stand on issues – against each other.

Part I

Susan Sauvageau talks about her campaign, how she views the current Board of Supervisors in Seneca County as being “asleep at the wheel,” and how she would operate serving on the County Board again. She isn’t a political newcomer, but Sauvageau brings a new energy, and experience to the race.

Part II

Rachel Weil discusses her campaign, and the role she believes government should play in Seneca County. If elected in November, she says that doing right by voters, and doing right by an objective measure will be important.

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