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Safety concerns ahead of rapper’s performance at Chevy Court

American rapper, songwriter and record producer SmokePurpp took the Chevy court stage on Saturday night.

While the fair received many requests for more hip hop music, some families we spoke with had concerns with the explicit lyrics used in the rapper’s music.

New York State Fair Director, Troy Waffner said, “You know we added hip hop. A while ago we set out to diversify the fair that means diversifying the markets the groups we market to. Diversifying our outreach diversifying music. Part of that is adding hip hop is adding different genres of music.”

Another concern at big events like this is safety. In the hours leading up to the concert, fair goers began gathering around the stage to find their seats.

As the crowd got larger, so did the number of State Troopers.

New York State Trooper, Jack Keller said, “Certainly we plan for every concert each concert dictates how many people in attendance and of course sales give us idea of how many people so in a larger crowd you’re going to see a larger presence of las enforcement especially here with the state troopers.”

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