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Spelling Bee held at Newark Middle School

A half dozen Newark Middle School students braved the evening snowstorm February 27th to participate in the hour-long Spelling Bee at Newark Middle School.

“These students showcased courage and ability, positively representing our Middle School,” said Melissa Hager, the eighth grade ELA teacher in charge of the event. “The champion of the Bee was sixth grader Mikalya Miller who spelled c-u-s-t-a-r-d to walk away with the win in the fifteenth round. Our second place finisher was seventh grader Cynthia Hernandez and our third place contestant was eighth grader Jose Ventura. Our top two spellers will be headed to compete in the Regional Scripps National Spelling Bee competition that will be held on Saturday, March 23 at Hobart and William Smith.

The winner there will continue on to the national competition in Washington, D.C..

Just as she has in recent years, Hager meticulously pronounced and enunciated each word and read a sentence it was used in before each contestant was required to spell it during the Bee.

To qualify to participate in the NMS Spelling Bee, all sixth through eighth grade students at NMS took a spelling test.

The other three contestants in the NMS Spelling Bee Feb.27th were: sixth grader Sierra George, seventh grader Brooklyn Baker and eighth grader Tariq Joseph Jr.

Word lists for the Spelling Bee were provided by Scripps.

The sole judge at the Feb. 28th Bee NMS Principal Teresa Prinzi.