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Former mayor announces bid for Town Supervisor in Seneca Falls

Former Village of Seneca Falls Mayor Bradford M. Jones announced his bid to seek the Democratic nomination in this November’s race for Seneca Falls Town Supervisor.

The lifelong Seneca Falls resident and former ITT Goulds Pumps Water Systems Plant Manager said that unity, not division or divisiveness, will be his priority throughout the 2019 campaign. “The Town of Seneca Falls has opportunities, not issues. We need to let the opportunities before us drive the conversation,” stated Jones at time of his announcement.

Among his top-priorities for the local governing body, which has drawn its share of controversy over the last four years is restoring public discussion at meetings. “We’re going to replace ‘limited public comment’ with ‘Public Discussion’,” he continued. “It will be an opportunity for dialogue and an opportunity for residents to bring their concerns to the table. Something that’s been sorely missed in recent years.”

Jones said reorganizing the Town from top-to-bottom, to benefit taxpayers is also essential. “We need to get back to our roots of strategic planning,” the former Mayor explained. “We need to immediately reduce taxes, grow reserves, and ensure that economic development through the Seneca Falls Development Corp. happens. All taxpayers need a voice, and I plan to be that voice – whether you’re a District 7 or District 8 resident, or part of the former village proper.”

The Town of Seneca Falls is at a crossroads. The Former Mayor says the Town needs experience, leadership, and a clear plan for what the next four years will be like for taxpayers.

His plan, which will be released in its entirety in the following weeks includes the following components:

– Restore transparency of Town Financials by releasing quarterly updates to taxpayers;
– Forming a ‘Financial Committee’ to evaluate unique/new budget opportunities;
– Utilize 50 percent of annual landfill revenue for reserves, and to lower tax levy on taxpayers;
– Revert legal counsel to ‘contracted’ effort, utilizing a local law firm;
– Develop a plan of succession to encourage employees to stay in Seneca Falls for the long-term;
– Empower the Seneca Falls Development Corp. to win $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant by 2021 through collaboration with Town Board;
– Grow local tax base by offering tax incentives to new home buyers and small business owners, while continuing to lower taxes for long-time owners – including relief for senior citizens;
– Work with local experts from ITT Goulds Pumps to develop a ‘master plan’ for infrastructure needs in Seneca Falls;
– RFP process for future engineering projects will begin in 2020, and will bring Seneca Falls ‘back to start’;
– Ensure that clean drinking water, and the health of Cayuga Lake be a priority for those living in Seneca Falls.

“I believe in Seneca Falls. My goal is to tee-off this campaign with a focus on ‘Transparency’, the ‘Economy’, and ‘Environment’ being top-priorities as outlined already. So much is possible when elected officials lead,” Jones continued. “That will be my priority if given the opportunity to represent the Democratic Party this fall in the race for Town Supervisor, and if constituents show confidence in me to lead over the next four years.”