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Pushing back against prevailing wage changes proposed in state budget

The Empire State Chapter of the Associated Builders & Contractors on Monday called for regulatory changes to the Scaffold Law as well as issued concerns over a plan to expand prevailing wage measures in its 2019 session agenda.

“Our 2019 Legislative Agenda outlines critical issues that need to be addressed in the new session. ABC has been at the forefront of advocating for fair and open competition in the construction market, and we will continue to do so, unapologetically,” said Empire Chapter President, Brian Sampson. “Merit shop contractors are under unrelenting attack from corrupt, union-owned politicians who are passing policies that are negatively impacting our members and taxpayers across New York State.”

Business groups this year have braced for a potentially difficult legislative session given the Democratic takeover of the state Senate. But lawmakers there have also pushed for a permanent property tax cap and plan to pass the bill this week.

The Associated Builders & Contractors though remain specifically concerned about the construction industry..

“New York State has not created a business environment for merit shop construction firms to thrive. In the 2019 session, ABC will advocate for policies that support small business owners, the American worker, and the overall construction sector. If these policies and reforms are implemented, New York State will create a more competitive environment for merit shop contractors to expand their operations and spur job creation,” Sampson said.

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