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Several displaced after chimney fire in Wayne County

The American Red Cross is assisting seven people after they were displaced by a fire, which was reported at a home in the Town of Butler.

First responders say the fire took place at a home directly across the road from the South Butler Fire Department.

The chimney fire led to smoke and water damage inside the structure, which was previously a nursing home.

First responders also said that a person attempted to go back inside the burning building to save their pets an an oxygen tank.

“We have it happen a lot. People want go back in and get belongings or pets or think they can put the fire out,” said First Assistant Fire Chief Jeffery Teeter to Spectrum Rochester. “You know, when you call 911, what is a minute in time actually seems like 5 minutes in time. But yeah it’s probably not a safe thing to go back inside once you call the fire department.”

No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.