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Cayuga County Legislature names new legislative chair

Legislator Tucker Whitman, R-Sterling, was sworn in as the new Cayuga County Legislature Chair at the annual reorganization meeting Thursday.

The Auburn Citizen

Whitman was unanimously approved for the position, with legislators from both political parties saying they were hopeful he would foster bipartisan cooperation on the Legislature.

“I’m honored to be up here,” Whitman said. “I appreciate the support and I hope we can get some things done this year. We all have some different goals, but in the end I think we kind of have the same goal. We’re all here for the same reasons. I’d like to try to remember that.”

Whitman succeeds Legislator Patrick Mahunik, I-Auburn, as chair after Mahunik fulfilled his promise to seek only one term in the position. At the time of his appointment, Mahunik said his goal was to give the then-incoming County Administrator J. Justin Woods time to work.

The unanimous support for Whitman comes after Mahunik and Legislator Joseph Bennett, R-Auburn, changed their party affiliation away from Democratic at the end of last year, prompting a change from a Democratic to a Republican majority on the Legislature.

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