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Dr. Fauci says the COVID-19 pandemic may soon be over

Dr. Fauci says that the “full-blown pandemic phase of COVID-19” may soon be over. He suggests that normalcy may be just around the corner. USPS lags behind as millions wait on their free COVID-19 testing kits to arrive What will this look ... MORE
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Safest to least safe states ranked during COVID-19 based on death and vaccination rates

A new report has ranked all 50 states from safest to least safe at this point in the pandemic. The goal in learning this information is to know which states have the highest vaccine rates, which also works to show where people ... MORE
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Former FDA director believes once Delta spreads through unvaccinated and some vaccinated, pandemic will end

Experts still support their prediction that the pandemic will finally end around Thanksgiving. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA director, said there are still a couple of months left, which would bring us up to his original prediction of Thanksgiving marking the end ... MORE
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Is the pandemic finally going to end next year? How will COVID-19 disappear?

Some experts seem to really believe the pandemic will end next year. This includes Scott Gottlieb, the formers Commissioner of the FDA. He recently stated that he sees most Americans with some form of immunity by Thanksgiving whether natural or vaccinated. Most ... MORE
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Thousands of children lost primary caregivers due to the pandemic

Over 120,000 children lost a parent or grandparent during the pandemic who was their primary caregiver. Over half of the children were Black or Hispanic. While Black and Hispanic children make up half of the children that lost a caregiver, Black and ... MORE
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Covid vs. Spanish Flu – Which pandemic killed more Americans?

In the battle for worst pandemics of all-time, Covid vs. Spanish Flu is the showdown. As of Monday, Covid has now killed as many Americans as the Spanish Flu according to recent data from Johns Hopkins. The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 ... MORE
Data shows students fell behind

Data shows students fell behind five months in math and four months in reading due to pandemic

The McKinsey Company released a report showing the impact on students learning by the end of the pandemic. On average, students were five months behind in math and four months behind in reading. While significant, earlier projections showed students could be up ... MORE
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DEBRIEF: https://www.rochesterregional.org/-/media/flu-cases-2020.pnghttps://www.rochesterregional.org/-/media/flu-cases-2020.pngc (podcast)

DEBRIEF: Why is it important to get flu shot during Coronavirus Pandemic? (podcast)

Dr. Steven Schulz says getting a flu shot is even more important this year, than it has been in the past. He’s the Pediatric Medical Director for Rochester Regional Health’s Monroe County practices, as well as Finger Lakes Medical Associates, which has ... MORE