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Data shows students fell behind five months in math and four months in reading due to pandemic

The McKinsey Company released a report showing the impact on students learning by the end of the pandemic.

On average, students were five months behind in math and four months behind in reading.

While significant, earlier projections showed students could be up to ten months behind in math and six in reading.

Students in disadvantaged schools suffered the most learning loss.

The learning loss was most pronounced in low income school districts and majority Black school districts.

The federal government has invested $200 billion in emergency funding in an attempt to bridge the gap in learning.

The money will be used for things like summer education, after school programs, tutors, and bonuses for teachers and counselors that help students with additional challenges.

Older learners have suffered the most, data showing that there were issues before the pandemic that have now been exasperated.

Some parents have expressed concern and feel like they were not informed on what is going to be done for their children to fill in the gaps of their learning. Data also shows that while students fell behind due to the pandemic, most still continued to learn.

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