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Learning setbacks revealed after COVID-19 pandemic

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Children have suffered the most from the pandemic, losing school, seeing their parents lose jobs, and watching people around them get sick.

This deeply impacted their well-being and caused an extra layer of chaos and fear to their lives. Now, districts where the children go to school are analyzing what it’s done to their education through test scores.

Analysis reveals that the average student lost over half a school year of learning for math and a quarter of a school year for reading. These are only averages, some districts had worse scores, according to CNY Central.

Low income communities were hit the hardest, where families don’t have as much access to resources. Online learning played a role, even for students that returned to school quickly.

Teachers and staff felt that measuring students’ learning this way is hard to do. The children saw over one million Americans die from the pandemic. While the test scores cannot reveal the entire story, they help to show where a child is at.

Children at a higher risk before the pandemic are not doing well today. Many need intervention and not enough is being done.

Data also showed that when schools returned to online learning, students still fell behind after missing so much school. This was because of the virus and quarantine requirements. The impacts vary from district to district, showing that some schools actually maintained the level of education students needed to be at.

Some places are working together to try to help their students catch up, but the truth is many students have fallen behind and their future is unknown.

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