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Is the pandemic finally going to end next year? How will COVID-19 disappear?

Some experts seem to really believe the pandemic will end next year.

This includes Scott Gottlieb, the formers Commissioner of the FDA. He recently stated that he sees most Americans with some form of immunity by Thanksgiving whether natural or vaccinated. Most recently according to CNCB, he sees the pandemic ending with the use of antiviral pills and children getting vaccines.

Is the end of the pandemic going to be sometime next year?

A mathematical model shows that Delta cases are peaking, and they should continue to decline through winter.

Another shows that by March of 2022 deaths should fall below 100 a day for the United States.

Some experts remain optimistic that officials can get a handle on the virus, while others believe that it’s a global problem and not as likely to happen anytime soon.

According to Healthline, Dr. Vidya Mony, pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California believes unless the entire world can become vaccinated, transmission and mutations will continue.

She added that the United States may have eased up on restrictions too soon.

How is the pandemic finally going to end?

Many people believe the Spanish Flu, a strain of influenza, was the most recent similar pandemic to the COVID-19 pandemic, but according to The Print, it is not.

While the Spanish Flu was a strain of influenza, the Russian Flu pandemic in 1889 appeared to be a strain of Coronavirus called OC43.

The Russian Flu pandemic happened in 4-5 waves over a span of five years before disappeared. Like the Delta variant appears to be doing, the most deaths were between 1890-91 during that pandemic.

While vaccines help, they are not enough to eradicate the virus, and reinfections are another possibility that could lead to COVID becoming an endemic instead of a pandemic.

How the virus might ultimately end is entirely dependent on the country and its immunity as well as rate of infection.

Research shows prior immunity will decrease the severity, creating a future that may look like asymptomatic or mild cases.

People remaining unvaccinated are still susceptible to the severity of the disease, and possibly death.

Countries with high vaccine rates of up to 90% still have 10% of a population that can become critically ill.

To create the safest future amid the pandemic, vaccination is key to ending the pandemic faster.

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