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Facebook changes their name to Meta in order to focus on metaverse

Facebook is now choosing to focus on the future and what they think it may look like. By choosing the name Meta, they’re emphasizing how they think technology will look like. Facebook was recently outed for putting profits over people, and a ... MORE
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A developer created a tool called “Unfollow Everything” for Facebook and is permanently banned

Louis Barclay recently created a tool called “Unfollow Everything” that lets Facebook users delete their News Feed is one swift click. According to The Verge, the tool is a browser extension and will unfollow everything and everyone a person follows. This removes ... MORE
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Facebook shares drop following worldwide outage Monday; reason for server crash not disclosed

With Facebook’s shares already starting to plummet, the blackout Monday did not help. Shares fell 4.9%, their worst day in almost a year. This comes following the publicity of a whistleblower’s allegations saying Facebook is deceptive to its investors and only cares ... MORE
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Major outage shuts down Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all crashed Monday morning. Users across all three flocked to other social media platforms like Twitter to see what might have caused the outage. All three apps also stopped working without warning. It’s unclear what caused the outage, ... MORE
DEBRIEF: Does Amazon, Facebook, or Google track you around the internet? Could it be stopped? (podcast)

DEBRIEF: Is Amazon, Facebook, or Google tracking you around the internet? Could it be stopped? (podcast)

Are ads following you around on the internet? The short answer is ‘yes’, but it’s a little more complex than that. Every day we search, post, purchase, and tweet our way around the internet — data is being collected. Here at FingerLakes1.com, ... MORE