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DEBRIEF: Is Amazon, Facebook, or Google tracking you around the internet? Could it be stopped? (podcast)

Are ads following you around on the internet? The short answer is ‘yes’, but it’s a little more complex than that. Every day we search, post, purchase, and tweet our way around the internet — data is being collected. Here at, since we’re a free service — ads served by Google are a primary source of revenue to keep our operation moving forward. But how do all of those ads work across all the different platforms you encounter in one ‘digital day’? What’s the role now of the big three in digital advertising: Amazon, Facebook, and Google? And most-interestingly, what happens if ‘cookies’ or the nuggets that allow those platforms to track users interests, searches, and activity online disappear?

Today on The Debrief Podcast a conversation with Malorie Benjamin and Dave Crist. Both work for Dixon Schwabl, and ads are their life. Malorie is the VP of Media Services while Dave serves as Senior Marketing & Strategy Analyst.


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