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Cuffed but Composed as You Stay Calm when Arrested

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You must stay calm when arrested or you can make things a whole lot worse. You can be detained for many reasons and it doesn’t have to be a spectacle. With composure and respect, you may even find yourself home for dinner. Here are some suggestions to get there.

Make Your Calls

Knowing who to call when you are in a bad situation can be a lifeline. First, you probably need to contact your lawyer, which is your right. You will also get the chance to make another call, and this should be a family member who can bail you using a service like Future Bail Bonds. This can be a Godsend if you have been charged because you can do a lot more for your own defense when you are allowed home rather than having to stay helpless inside a jail cell.

Stay Calm when Arrested to Avoid an Issue

The police aren’t there to ruin your day. They are human and will treat you with as much respect as you give them. Someone is arrested every 3 seconds in the US. Very often, an arrest turns violent or nasty when it doesn’t need to. Knowing what to do when someone gets arrested, or indeed yourself, makes a massive difference. Stay calm and answer your name. Be respectful and keep your composure. This can go in your favor when the judge looks at your case.

The whole issue of being arrested can be complex. But there are people on your side. If you need to know what to do, take a quick look at the infographic below for the right ideas:

Infographic designed by: Future Bail Bonds
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