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How to Integrate REST APIs in Flutter Applications

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After making the Flutter application, it is likewise essential to guarantee it can access real-time information. The information can be accessed with the combination of an API to your Flutter application. It enables efficient interaction in between the UI and also the web server.

Representational State Transfer (REST) API is an architectural design used for internet solutions application development. REST API supplies an easy means to gain access to internet solutions without the demand for handling. This is important to guarantee your application is data-driven as well as receptive. 

In this post, we will certainly clarify exactly how to incorporate REST APIs in Flutter applications.

An Overview of REST API

An Application Programming Interface or API functions as a bridge in between the individuals as well as the backend sources and also solutions. Integration of an API is essential for efficiency, capability and receptive applications. It is a critical component of the app development process.

The REST API is also called RESTful API. It assists in communicating with web servers and obtain information in an organized style in JSON or XML. It is thought about to be the fastest as well as best approach for applications to interact and get information. The combination works for the financial application you design and produce.

Flutter supplies a reliable HTTP package for your applications. This assists you in sending out as well as obtain information from remote locations. It makes use of 5 basic HTTP approaches to carry out activities. The list below are the techniques–.

OBTAIN: This approach is utilized to get the needed data

BLOG POST: This approach is utilized to produce brand-new data

PLACE: This approach is utilized to upgrade data

ERASE: This approach is utilized to get rid of data.

These straightforward HTTP calls are used by the REST API to interact with the JSON information. HTTP GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE are the requests the user application can make to the data source. An action returns from the web server in HTML, JSON, XML, and so on. 

The Need to Integrate REST APIs in Flutter Applications

It is necessary to incorporate REST APIs in Flutter applications. The API works as a mediator in between the individuals as well as the sources and internet solutions they call for. 

The REST API is a client-server style that has a collection of customers, web servers, as well as sources. The requests are managed with HTTP calls. The assimilation is required to obtain information from the web as well as the interface. It is just one of the effective means to develop an agreement in between the customer and the information provider.

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The Steps to Integrate REST APIs in Flutter Applications

The integration of REST API with your Flutter applications has transformed the world of software development for fintech.

The following are the steps to integrate REST APIs in your Flutter app during the application development process —

Get the API and the Endpoints

One of the first steps in integrating REST APIs in Flutter applications is to get the API URL and the endpoints. The API URL is also known as the base URL.

The base URL for all the APIs are the same. However, the endpoints change depending on the API. You will also need a private key known as the API key or access key.

Add the Necessary Packages to the Application

The next step is to add the necessary packages to your Flutter application. There are a wide range of packages available to integrate the REST API with Flutter. They can help make the integration easy and efficient. It includes http, dio, chopper, provider, and so on. Create a Flutter package, and add the http package to the pubspec.yaml file. 

The HTTP package is the most common and easy to use to integrate the API. It is also the basic package, while the other packages are considered additional functionalities that can be added to the Flutter application. After creating a Flutter project, make sure to add the chosen package — http to it.

Make a File to Store the API and Endpoints

You will need to create a separate file to store the API and the endpoints. This can be a simple file to place the REST API and the necessary endpoints in one place. It’s good to have a separate file meant to store the API.

Create a Model Class

Next, create a model class to access the data. The private key can also be used to access the data, but the model class makes it much more simple.

The main aim of creating the model class is to parse the JSON. It includes the process of parsing the JSON to transform the JSON object in text format to a Javascript object to be used in the program. The complete JSON response can help create the model class.

Make a File for API Calls

Then, create a file meant for the API calls. The file will handle all the application API calls. You also need to write certain specific methods to fetch and parse the data.

Use the Data in the Application

Now that the required files and methods for the API are created, you can retrieve them from the back end of the application. Then, load this data into the user interface of your application.

You can make a method call and load the received results into the user interface of the application. The integration with the REST API can help you receive user data in your Fintech application.


It is important to integrate the REST API into your application created with Flutter. It is a necessary aspect of app development that results in a Flutter application that is user-friendly, responsive, and connects with sources for external user data.

These steps can help you integrate the REST API into Flutter with the Surf development company to design and implement functional fintech applications in the world of finance. 

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