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Online Roulette: How to Make the Odds Work in Your Favor

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Betting strategies don’t always work out how gamblers play, making it challenging to figure out which techniques actually provide results. Playing casino games online requires players to switch things up a bit to rake in a measurable profit. Time and time again, pro gamblers recommend choosing table games with live dealers. All casino games have different odds and return to player ratios, with table games offering the best odds.

Table games are played with live dealers in digital and land-based casinos. Powered by live-streaming technology, gamblers can come together using virtual platforms. Live dealer games, specifically roulette and poker, present the best odds and return rates in most cases. Not every betting strategy guarantees real-time results, but there are a few wagering guidelines that may prove to be profitable.

Top Seven Tips for Playing Virtual Roulette

  1. Roulette is one of the oldest casino games yet still remains a favorite classic amongst players. Roulette has countless variations, but the most popular variations are European and American roulette. However, French roulette offers better odds to players than the American counterpart. Unlike French and European roulette, American versions of the game include two zero pockets. You might consider adding the following tips to your roulette gaming strategies.
  2. Crypto Roulette – Playing roulette with cryptocurrencies increases your potential profits substantially. Crypto prices fluctuate severely, meaning a token could double in value overnight. Regular fiat currencies may face inflation rates, but the core value behind fiat currencies remains the same. Players can purchase crypto tokens at rock bottom prices and place online wagers when values are peaked. Gambling with cryptocurrencies comes with benefits and drawbacks. However, you could end up winning big with a minimal initial investment.
  3. Avoid American Roulette – As previously mentioned, American roulette wheels have two zero slots. European and French roulette variations offer much better odds, as only one zero pocket is present on the wheel. American roulette platforms have roughly five percent house edge, compared to European roulette’s house edge of two percent.
  4. Blockchain Casinos – Blockchain casinos accept crypto payments, allowing players to take advantage of crypto bonus packages. Hybrid casinos tend to offer fantastic incentive packages to get players to sign up for new accounts. You can take advantage of these bonuses, especially bonuses that target roulette gamers. can help direct you to a reputable casino offering roulette tournaments.
  5. Outside Betting – Outside betting during roulette games allows players to cover possible payouts. Outside bets are low risk, but they are also low reward. Additionally, outside bets help players practice smart bankroll management techniques. Ranged number bets are the most common outside bet. For example, players win if the ball lands on a number within a given range.
  6. Inside Bets – Inside betting is the opposite of outside betting, which is more lucrative and extraordinarily risky. Multiple categories of inside bets exist, such as the straight-up bet. The straight-up bet exclusively covers a numbered square, while a split bet covers two numbers. It is called a cornered or squared bed when players choose four numbers in a squared sequence and bets on the center chip.
  7. Martingale System – The Martingale betting system assumes that players can’t lose every time they place a bet. With this logic, players place progressive bets until experiencing a win. After winning, players do not alter wager amounts until experiencing a loss. 
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