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Hochul leads New York in commemorating Fair Housing Month

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Governor Kathy Hochul reaffirmed New York’s dedication to fighting housing discrimination and enhancing housing accessibility for all its residents in celebration of National Fair Housing Month. In a gesture symbolizing this commitment, prominent New York State landmarks were illuminated in blue on April 10, marking the 56th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. This federal legislation, pivotal in outlawing discriminatory housing practices, set the stage for New York’s ongoing efforts to ensure fair housing policies are upheld. Additionally, the Governor announced that starting April 11, the New York State Division of Human Rights will conduct various fair housing events across the state, fostering community engagement and awareness.

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Amid a housing crisis described as the most critical in generations, Governor Hochul’s administration has been proactive, with substantial investments and legislative efforts aimed at securing equitable housing opportunities for New Yorkers. The Fair Housing Month initiatives underscore a broader commitment to eliminating bias and discrimination in housing, echoing the Governor’s vision for all New Yorkers to attain their dream of a decent home. This stance is supported by Acting Commissioner Denise Miranda, who praised New York’s historical leadership in human rights and vowed to persist in safeguarding New Yorkers against housing discrimination.

Highlighting these efforts, the state has organized a two-day fair housing conference focused on equity and inclusion within communities, alongside lighting up significant landmarks to raise awareness. The Governor’s fair housing agenda includes a $2.2 million expansion of New York’s Fair Housing Testing Program, addressing racial disparities in mortgage lending practices, and enacting legislation to bolster protections against housing discrimination. These measures, including partnerships with nonprofit organizations and comprehensive reports on lending practices, reflect New York’s multifaceted approach to fostering a fair, inclusive housing environment statewide.

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