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Arcadia homeowner faces staggering reassessment increase

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In Wayne County, a homeowner received a shocking reassessment notice indicating her property value had surged by a quarter of a million dollars. Billie Joe Heers of Arcadia, whose home was previously assessed at $69,000, was stunned to find her new assessment at $321,000. This drastic increase could potentially hike her taxes by an additional $300 per month, a change she fears could tax her out of her own home.

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Heers and her daughter, Diane DeJohn, expressed disbelief at the reassessment, doubting the home’s ability to fetch such a high market price despite a 40-year residency filled with personal history and memories. A comparison with a similar property in the same area, which recently sold for $210,000, highlighted the discrepancy in the assessment.

The reassessment, conducted by Buffalo-based firm Gar, is part of the first such review in Arcadia in 18 years, leading to significant increases in property values across the town. The Arcadia assessor cited the long gap between reassessments as a core issue, noting similar delays in nearby towns. Following inquiries, Gar has agreed to review Heers’ case further.