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  • Kyle Black 

At our facility, we plan our driving maneuvers to avoid backing any of our vehicles.  It is much safer to go around and make a loop even if it takes an extra minute or a few minutes.  When we do require a backing maneuver, we get out and look (GOAL).  Even with a backing camera, proximity detection systems and other technology that we take for granted, there are always blind spots, technology could be malfunctioning or obscured.  There is no substitute for physically checking behind your vehicle prior to backing.  Be it your neighbor’s pet or a child on a bike, it only takes a few seconds to prevent what could be a lifetime of regret.  It’s an easy habit to take a quick walk around your vehicle.

Additional behaviors for safe backing:

  • Turn your head completely around and rock side to side in the driver’s seat to eliminate blind spots.
  • Continuously scan rear and side mirrors through the maneuver.
  • Know your vehicle dimensions.
  • Avoid all mental and physical distractions.
  • Refrain from obstructing rear view line of sight with groceries, etc.
  • Move slowly and deliberately with caution.