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Lansing firefighters make quick work of BorgWarner fire

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The Lansing Fire Department, along with support from the Cayuga Heights Fire Department and Bangs Ambulance, responded to a fire at the BorgWarner property on Warren Road Saturday evening. The call, which came in just before 7 p.m., reported a structure fire within plant #1 of the BorgWarner facility. Firefighters found the blaze to be isolated to a single machine and swiftly managed to extinguish it, preventing further damage or injuries.

The rapid response included four fire engines primarily from the Lansing Fire Department, aerial units, several support vehicles, and a heavy rescue unit, underscoring the readiness of local emergency services for industrial incidents. The operation concluded in just over an hour, with no reported injuries and the fire damage contained to the affected machinery.

This incident highlights the effectiveness of the coordinated effort between local fire departments and emergency services in responding to industrial fires, ensuring the safety of personnel and minimizing property damage. The fire department has not released further details about the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage to the machine involved.