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NY will spend $27M for school technology and security updates

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Governor Kathy Hochul announced the approval of 59 Smart Schools Investment Plans, marking a $27 million investment toward modernizing New York schools with the latest in technology and security. This funding, part of the broader $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act initiative, aims to enhance educational and safety infrastructure across the state. The investment includes significant allocations for high-tech security measures, classroom technology, and connectivity improvements, reflecting New York’s commitment to preparing students for the future workforce within a secure learning environment.

The Smart Schools Review Board, consisting of key educational and budgetary officials, reviewed and approved the plans submitted by 53 school districts and two special education schools. The approved projects focus on a variety of enhancements, from high-tech security systems to interactive classroom technologies, aiming to create safer and more interactive learning spaces for students. The investment plans include substantial funds for entry control, video systems, emergency classroom notifications, and various technological tools to foster a modern educational experience.

This strategic investment underscores New York’s dedication to leveraging technology to improve educational outcomes and school safety. By providing schools with resources to adopt advanced technologies and security systems, the Smart Schools Bond Act ensures that students not only benefit from a safer learning environment but also gain access to tools that enhance their learning and prepare them for technological advancements in their future careers. The ongoing commitment to modernizing classrooms through the Smart Schools Bond Act illustrates a significant step towards equipping New York’s students with the skills and environment necessary for success in the 21st century.