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Trump triumphs over Haley in South Carolina; promises ‘judgment day’ in CPAC speech

Donald Trump has emerged victorious over Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Republican primary, signaling a significant blow to Haley’s presidential ambitions. Trump’s victory on Saturday, February 24, sees him potentially claiming the majority of the state’s 50 delegates, further extending his lead in the race for the Republican nomination. As the race progresses, Trump’s focus shifts to Michigan’s upcoming primary, where he currently holds a substantial lead against Haley.

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In a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on the same day, Trump portrayed himself as the sole savior of America, warning of dire consequences should he not be re-elected. Trump’s speech, filled with dark predictions of economic failure, crime, and foreign dominance, aimed to solidify his position as the indispensable leader for America’s future. His comments also included sharp criticisms of current immigration policies and a call for stronger border control.

Trump’s CPAC address also touched on his foreign policy stance, distancing himself from Russian President Vladimir Putin while acknowledging global leaders’ alleged preference for his leadership. Despite the controversies surrounding his presidency, Trump emphasized his role in preventing conflicts and negotiating peace, hinting at his readiness to tackle international disputes. As Trump continues his campaign, his rhetoric at CPAC underscores a combative approach to both domestic and foreign policy challenges, setting the tone for his potential return to the political arena.

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