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South Farmington Friends Cemetery achieves historic recognition

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The South Farmington Friends Cemetery, along with its chapel and Meetinghouse Park, has been recognized for its historical significance both at the state and national levels. This designation follows a concerted effort by the community and the Rural Housing Coalition of New York State to preserve the site after it was damaged by a tornado in 2015. The cemetery and its associated structures, deeply rooted in the area’s Quaker heritage, have been acknowledged for their contribution to local history and culture.

The efforts to save and restore the cemetery were led by a dedicated group of citizens, formed in 2017, who aimed to protect the site’s historical integrity. Their hard work has ensured that the cemetery, which is the final resting place for many of Farmington’s early settlers and over 80 veterans, including two from the American Revolution, is preserved for future generations. The state’s designation of the South Farmington Historic District recognizes two centuries of historic significance since the cemetery’s establishment in 1823.

This historic district is the second in Farmington to receive such a designation, highlighting the area’s rich history and the community’s commitment to preserving it. The chapel, built in 1889, has been fully restored and is set to be opened for public viewing, with plans to make it available for meetings and small events. This achievement is celebrated by the community and marks a significant milestone in the preservation of Farmington and Ontario County’s historic landmarks.