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Lawmakers unite to combat food insecurity in New York

In an unprecedented show of unity, New York lawmakers from both political parties came together at the state Capitol to advocate for enhanced measures against food insecurity. They are rallying for increased funding for programs like SNAP, Nourish New York, and the Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program, emphasizing the importance of ensuring access to healthy meals for those in need.

The push includes a specific plea for more robust SNAP benefits, alongside securing funds to provide all New York children with healthy school meals. Advocates, including Whitley Hasty of Foodlink, stressed the significance of removing the stigma associated with seeking food assistance, highlighting the critical role of these programs in supporting community well-being.

Amid rising food prices and reduced SNAP benefits post-pandemic, the bipartisan effort underscores the urgent need for action. Legislators and advocates alike are calling for immediate increases in support, aiming to address the growing challenge of food insecurity across the state, ensuring that families can afford the basics without compromising on nutrition or dignity.

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