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Corning-Painted Post HS hosts robotics tournament

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Over twenty high school robotics teams gathered at Corning-Painted Post High School for the Corning Qualifying Robotics Tournament, vying for a spot in the regional championships of the FIRST Tech Challenge. Teams from across upstate New York demonstrated their technical skills by building robots designed to compete in a game named Centerstage, showcasing innovation and engineering prowess.

The competition involved robots grabbing and placing hexagonal objects, known as pixels, on a board, with additional challenges such as hanging from bars and launching paper airplanes to specific zones. This unique blend of tasks highlights the students’ abilities to design, build, and strategize, offering a hands-on experience in robotics and teamwork.

Participants, including Cameron Neidrich from Elmira and Liam Thompson from Binghamton, expressed their enthusiasm for the competition and the opportunity it provides for showcasing their months of hard work and strategic planning. The event not only fosters competitive spirit but also encourages collaboration and creative problem-solving among future engineers and technologists. The awaited regional championships are set for Sunday, March 3, promising more innovative displays of student robotics ingenuity.