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Wayne Central students shine at county vocal music festival

Students from Wayne Central School District displayed their vocal talents at the 2024 Wayne All-County Junior and Senior High School Vocal Music Festival held on January 27 at Williamson High School. Under the direction of Kathy Perconti and Ian Mutch, music teachers at Wayne Central High School and Wayne Middle School respectively, 35 students from the district joined peers from eleven other schools across the county for this esteemed musical event.

The festival featured 19 high school students who passed auditions and 16 middle school students selected for their vocal abilities, performing in an All-County Chorus that highlighted the collective musical prowess of Wayne County’s young musicians. The event fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among students from various schools, celebrating their shared passion for music.

The success of Wayne Central’s participants at the festival not only showcases the exceptional talent within the district but also underscores the importance of music education in fostering students’ artistic and personal growth. Congratulations to all students who participated, demonstrating dedication, talent, and the power of music to bring communities together.