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Waterloo CSD seeks community input for superintendent search

The Waterloo Central School District is inviting public participation in the selection of its next superintendent, with an online survey open until February 13. This initiative, led by search consultant Mike Ford, aims to gather community preferences on the qualities and skills desired in the new superintendent. The survey, accessible on the district’s website, is a crucial step in ensuring the community’s voice is heard in this significant decision-making process.

The survey requests respondents to provide demographic information and select their preferred leadership traits, personal characteristics, and areas of expertise for the new superintendent. The list includes various attributes like financial acumen, visionary thinking, and strong communication skills. Additionally, it allows for suggestions on other qualities not listed. This comprehensive approach ensures a wide range of perspectives are considered in the selection process.

In addition to structured choices, the survey includes open-ended questions about the district’s critical challenges and strengths, allowing for detailed community feedback. This input will guide the board in selecting a suitable leader who aligns with the district’s needs and values. The new superintendent is expected to assume the role by July 1, following the retirement of former Superintendent Terri Bavis and the interim leadership of Michael Midey and Robert Banzer.