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Home » Onondaga County » Police investigate after CNY woman scammed out of $30K by AI

Police investigate after CNY woman scammed out of $30K by AI

A woman from the Town of Manlius has been defrauded of $30,000 through a sophisticated grandparent scam involving artificial intelligence.

The scammer, posing as her grandchild in distress, used AI technology to clone the voice of her granddaughter, convincing her to send money urgently. Part of the money was collected directly from her home, while the rest was sent to a specified address. This incident highlights a new level of complexity in scam tactics, where technology like AI is employed to exploit victims more convincingly.

The Manlius Police Department is actively investigating the case and urges the public to be vigilant against such scams. They advise residents to be skeptical of calls demanding money, even if the caller’s voice seems familiar. To safeguard against similar frauds, the police recommend establishing a family secret codeword and maintaining a reliable contact list. Victims of similar scams are encouraged to report these incidents to local law enforcement authorities immediately to help prevent further occurrences and potentially aid in tracking down the perpetrators.