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Report says Seneca County should merge ambulance services

A recent study by the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) recommends that North Seneca Ambulance and South Seneca Ambulance should merge into a single emergency medical services provider and enter into a contract with Seneca County.

Presented at the county Board of Supervisors meeting on December 12, the draft report, scheduled for final presentation in mid-January, outlines this as the most feasible option for sustainable EMS services.

The two ambulance services currently respond to 92% of the county’s EMS calls, with NSA handling 75% and SSA 17%. The study highlights the need for a unified approach to address the growing demands and financial challenges of EMS services in the county.

A countywide bid for ambulance services could offer control and cost benefits, but would require significant oversight and potentially a county subsidy. The most comprehensive option, creating a county-based EMS system, would ensure maximum control and stable workforce, but involves high initial capital investment and operational costs, estimated at around $3 million annually.

The recommended merger of North Seneca and South Seneca into a single non-profit agency is seen as a practical solution, balancing county control with reduced costs.