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New York State Thruway toll prices to rise next week

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Motorists using the New York State Thruway will see a rise in toll prices beginning January 1, 2024, as announced by the State Thruway Authority.

This adjustment marks the first increase in toll prices on the Thruway in 14 years. Specifically, the toll for the stretch from Geneva to Rochester will increase from the 2023 rate of $1.07 to $1.12 at the beginning of the new year, indicating a 5% rise. The increase is part of a planned series of adjustments to Thruway toll rates.

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Further changes are set for January 1, 2027, when tolls for the Geneva to Rochester stretch will increase to $1.17. Additionally, the Base E-ZPass rates are scheduled to rise from the current 4.5 cents per mile to 4.9 cents per mile by 2027.

For travelers without an E-ZPass or those using Tolls By Mail, the rates will escalate to 8.6 cents per mile by 2027. These upcoming adjustments aim to keep pace with the rising operational and maintenance costs associated with the Thruway, ensuring the continued efficiency and safety of this critical transportation infrastructure.