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Eastview Mall hosts portable CPR training kiosk to boost cardiac arrest survival rates

At Eastview Mall, a new initiative aimed at increasing public knowledge of CPR is underway, with the installation of a portable CPR training kiosk. This initiative, a collaboration between Ontario County Public Health, UR Medicine, Wilmorite Properties, and the American Heart Association, is in response to the high number of cardiac arrests occurring outside hospitals in the United States — almost 1,000 daily.

The kiosk, located near entrance 3 by Dick’s House of Sport and the Gap store until January 31, is one of only three such installations in the country and aims to educate visitors in a simple, life-saving technique. Kate Ott, director of Ontario County Public Health, emphasized the mission to improve survival rates from cardiac arrests in Ontario County through widespread training.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

The American Heart Association reports that over 350,000 people experience cardiac arrests outside medical facilities annually, with about 20% occurring in public places like malls. The portable training station, developed by the Heart Association, offers an accessible way for people to learn hands-only CPR — a method as effective as traditional CPR in community settings, without mouth-to-mouth breaths.

It includes an interactive training session, a practice period, and a 30-second test. The kiosk features a built-in rubber torso to ensure proper hand placement, compression rate, and depth, providing real-time feedback for technique improvement. This initiative marks a significant step in empowering the public with essential skills to respond to cardiac emergencies effectively.