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Vehicle collision near President Biden’s motorcade in Delaware

A close call occurred Sunday night when a sedan collided with an SUV serving as part of the security for President Joe Biden’s motorcade in Wilmington, Delaware. The incident took place outside the building housing President Biden’s campaign headquarters, where he and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden had dined with staffers.

The president was in the process of addressing reporters when the collision happened, causing a loud disturbance. The sedan struck the SUV, which was positioned to block intersections near the building in preparation for the president’s departure. Following the collision, the sedan’s driver attempted to push past the blockade but was swiftly contained by security personnel, who drew their weapons and instructed the driver to surrender.

President Biden, who was momentarily startled by the noise, was quickly escorted into his vehicle where the First Lady was already waiting, and they were both safely driven back to their residence. The president’s schedule remained unaffected by the incident. Notably, it was raining at the time of the crash in Delaware. The Secret Service has not issued any immediate comment regarding the incident.

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