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Varick Town Board passes resolution supporting Seneca Meadows expansion

Elected officials in Varick have passed a resolution unanimously supporting Seneca Meadows Landfill.

At its October 3 meeting, the Varick Town Board unanimously passed a resolution supporting the expansion of Seneca Meadows Landfill. The Valley Infill Project, which is under consideration by the DEC at this time, has seen intense pushback from municipalities across the region – including Geneva and Tompkins County.

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“All businesses are important in Seneca County. It’s alarming that outside groups including Tompkins County and Geneva want to dictate radical agendas that negatively impact Seneca County,” said Varick Town Board Member Tom Fox in a press release. “No one ever contacted Seneca County officials or any elected leaders prior to advancing their job-killing agenda. Seneca County is quite capable of handling our own county and our own issues, and we want everyone to understand that Seneca County is open for business.”

The resolution to support Seneca Meadows’ expansion was passed unanimously by the town board there.

It’s current permit expires at the end of next year. However, Fox calls shutting down Seneca Meadows now ‘premature’ and noted the loss of dozens of jobs would have a negative impact on the economy.

“The premature closure of Seneca Meadows would result in the immediate loss of more than 100 local jobs and will have both short and long-term negative consequences not only in Seneca County but across the entire region,” he said. “The health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Seneca County is of paramount importance and concern. Seneca Meadows, Inc. is recognized as providing state of the art waste management infrastructure, capacity, personnel, and environmental safeguards and they have invested millions of dollars in environmental infrastructure upgrades and cutting-edge training for their employees to ensure it remains a national model for the most environmentally friendly waste management solutions right here in Seneca County.”

It’s unclear at this point when the state may render a decision on Seneca Meadows’ expansion permit.