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Watkins Glen’s Clute Park Ice Rink set for repairs before season opens

Residents eagerly awaiting the opening of the Clute Park Ice Rink in Watkins Glen have been given assurance by Mayor Laurie DeNardo that the facility is undergoing necessary repairs and will soon be ready for the skating season.

Mayor DeNardo detailed the issues encountered during the initial start-up of the rink’s cooling system, where ten coils were found to have faulty joints. Fortunately, these parts are under warranty, and replacements have been procured. The repair team is working efficiently to install these parts, with the aim of completing the process promptly. Once the repairs are done, a team of five to six staff members will begin laying the groundwork for the ice rink, a process expected to take a day, followed by additional time required for the water to freeze adequately.

As of November 29, there is no specific opening date set for the rink, located at 683 E 4th Street in Watkins Glen. Mayor DeNardo expressed reluctance to commit to a specific date, but she emphasized the town’s dedication to getting the rink operational as soon as possible. This statement comes as a reassurance to local residents and skating enthusiasts who have been eagerly anticipating the return of this popular winter attraction in Watkins Glen.