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Over 75 unmarked graves discovered at Livingston County cemetery

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In a significant historical discovery, more than 75 unmarked graves have been uncovered in the New and Old Poorhouse cemeteries of Livingston County.

The find, announced by County Historian Holly Watson, could potentially link the remains back to their families, shedding light on a previously mysterious chapter of local history. The search, conducted in September using ground-penetrating radar, revealed these unmarked graves, each now marked with a silver disk for identification.

The non-invasive technology allowed experts to locate these burial sites without disturbing the ground. Watson noted the discovery was made over a single day at each cemetery site, emphasizing the efficiency and sensitivity of the process. The graves found at the New Poorhouse Cemetery are believed to date back to the period between 1907 and 1940. However, Watson cautioned that this discovery might only represent a fraction of the total unmarked graves, given the size of both cemeteries.

Watson expressed a commitment to continuing the investigation to identify all individuals buried in these cemeteries. The next phase of the project includes the installation of interpretive signage at the sites, enhancing public understanding of their historical significance. This effort aims to honor and recognize those who have been forgotten, ensuring their stories are not lost to time. The New Poorhouse Cemetery, one of the focal points of this discovery, is located at the intersection of Route 20A and Volunteer Road in Geneseo, New York.