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Rep. Tenney votes to avoid government shutdown, cut spending

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Congresswoman Tenney has cast her vote in favor of H.R. 6363, the Further Continuing Appropriations and Other Extensions Act, a crucial measure aimed at preventing a government shutdown while simultaneously addressing concerns over irresponsible government spending. The bill successfully passed the House with a vote of 336-95, reflecting significant bipartisan support.

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In her statement, Congresswoman Tenney emphasized the commitment of House Republicans to reducing government expenditure, securing national borders, and reinstating fiscal responsibility in Washington. She highlighted her efforts against wasteful spending and large omnibus government funding bills, advocating for a return to a more transparent process. This approach entails passing each of the 12 federal appropriations bills individually, a practice known as regular order, which has been neglected in recent years due to the preference for massive omnibus bills. According to Tenney, this shift has compromised the legislative process and burdened taxpayers with unnecessary costs.

The passage of the Continuing Resolution (CR) ensures the continued operation of critical federal agencies, including military installations like Fort Drum, the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, and agencies like Customs and Border Protection and the TSA, particularly in New York’s 24th District. Tenney pointed out that a government shutdown would have resulted in higher costs for taxpayers, increased the national debt, and led to further uncontrolled federal spending. By approving this CR, Congress aims to pass the remaining appropriations bills with a focus on fiscal conservatism, thereby reinforcing Congress’s control over budgetary decisions and refocusing the government’s primary mission to serve and protect the American people and uphold the Constitution.

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