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8 Reasons to Visit the Finger Lakes this Winter

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More people than ever are seeking unique destinations to visit and fun activities to do in order to make their lives more exciting. One location that is becoming increasingly popular to visit is Finger Lakes. As a destination that is unlike any other, it is worth taking a look at the various reasons why you should visit Finger Lakes this winter.

Firstly, known for being an idyllic winter destination, Finger Lakes is a collection of 11 long, narrow, roughly north–south lakes located south of Lake Ontario in New York, in the United States. One of the most popular activities to take part in here is Skiing. There is plenty to do here with three dozen trails a zipline canopy tour, state-of-the-art snowmaking, and a mid-slope café for waffles. Let’s explore the main attractions of Finger Lakes!

Seneca Lake

If you are visiting Finger Lakes, it is worth checking out the Seneca Lake event which has magical views of the frozen lake. Seneca Lake is regarded as the biggest of the glacial Finger Lakes of the U.S. state of New York, and the most deep glacial lake entirely within the state. Whether you are going with family or friends, taking a trip around the lake is the perfect way to bond with others. A round trip of the lake will only take around two hours meaning that you will have plenty of time to take part in other activities.

Bug Jar

Finger Lakes is known for having a thriving night life where people go to blow off some steam and have a great time. For example, Bug Jar is a small bar and music venue with mostly alt-rock and punk acts and DJs some nights. It’s said to be a cozy, intimate venue – perfect to have a great view of the acts, without getting caught in a crowd surge. Perfect to visit with your friends!

Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack

There are also opportunities to visit fun gaming venues like the casinos in Finger Lakes, such as Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack. Finger Lakes gaming and Racetrack has more than 1,100 video gaming machines as well as dining and live music. It’s the perfect way to have fun with slots and spend some great quality time with either your friends or family. There is also a smoke free gaming floor and the opportunity to watch live races.

Christmas Markets

Winter is the best time to get a glimpse of the snowy mountains that create the perfect backdrop for your visit. It also gives you plenty of opportunities to get the perfect picture. On top of this, while you are in the area, why not stick around to view the Christmas lights in the local towns to make your trip even more magical. And why not see what gifts you can pick up for Christmas by checking out the popular retail destinations? From unique antique stores to gifts shops, you are sure to find something that suits you or your loved ones.

Of course, there are also many Christmas markets where you can sample festive cuisine and buy great gifts. For example, if you happen to visit Finger Lakes during the second week of December, you should check out the Watkins Glen Christmas Village which has been a loved tradition in the town for over 3 decades. Every year, at 6:30, a Dr. Seuss parade takes place along Franklin Street where you are greeted with Santa and Mrs. Claus. As the night goes on, you can enjoy the fireworks at 7:30pm along with carriage rides, wine testing and crafts.

Winter Boat Trip

In addition, winter at the Finger Lakes is the perfect time to enjoy a boat trip. Not only is it a great way to glimpse the scenery but you can also have dinner on the boat while you take in the views. After you take your boat trip, you can also get cozy in one of the cabins in the local area. It is particularly special to stay in one of these cabins when the snow has fallen, creating a sparkly blanket around the area. It may also be the perfect place for you to pick up your Christmas tree from one of the Yule Tree farms Finger lakes has to offer.

Wine Tastings

When you are checking out Finger Lakes, why not also extend your trip by taking a road trip? Finger Lakes is in driving distance from Toronto and Philadelphia meaning that you can tick off several things from your bucket list at once. Furthermore, one of the most popular things to do in the Finger Lakes region is to taste the wine in the area. As the region is known for having a number of distilleries, you can have a great time while discovering the taste of brews or spirits all the while seeing how they are made.

Ultimately, Finger Lakes is one of the best places to visit especially during the winter. From checking out the beautiful scenery and glimpsing the Christmas lights to enjoying a boat ride and shopping around for Christmas presents, Finger Lakes is one of the most magical destinations if you want to have the perfect festive trip. Whether you’re in it for the daytime adventures or the nighttime entertainment, there is something for everyone that will make it a Christmas to remember.

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