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Hornell’s Yule Tree Farms supplies Bryant Park’s Christmas tree this year

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Yule Tree Farms, nestled in Hornell, has the honor of providing this year’s Christmas tree to New York City’s Bryant Park.

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The farm, which spans 1,800 acres and cultivates over a million trees, nurtures each from a modest 6-inch seedling to towering heights of 40 to 60 feet over a period of 65 years. The intricate preparation process for the destined tree takes nearly four days and involves a dedicated team of three to four workers.

The workers’ tasks include pruning the tree’s branches to fashion a conical shape and ensuring its hydration before the cut. Tree arborist Austin Malphrus describes the meticulous process of climbing and tying the branches from top to bottom, which is essential for both the tree’s transport and presentation. The tree is then given a substantial 500 gallons of water, delivered through a perforated bucket system, to soak overnight, ensuring the tree’s vibrancy as it makes its journey to the heart of Manhattan.

The holiday spirit fostered by Yule Tree Farms reaches beyond New York City. With the Bryant Park tree ready to be admired by countless visitors, the farm’s crew is already preparing to send off another tree to Philadelphia, slated for display on the north side of City Hall. Dan Stutzman, a retired tree arborist at the farm, expresses a deep sense of pride and gratitude knowing the joy that their trees bring to people during the festive season.